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About us

Hair Consultants Hair Studio is right in the heart of Palm Springs. Services are offered for the entire Coachella Valley. Hair Consultants is a full service Hair replacement private studio for men and women. You can depend on Hair Consultants for all your Repairs, Supplies, New Hair, and so much more. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, owner and stylist, Gil Van Nieuland can handle any hair replacement job!

We established our current location more than 16 years ago, just above the old Starbuck's store. Now we have a NEW Starbuck's Reserve Bar and a Kipton Rowan Hotel right across the street and a Hand Crafted Taco Shop below. We are the only hair replacement company downtown Palm Springs, so whether you are visiting or a long time resident, whether you've been wearing a hair system for decades or someone that is just considering the option, come and see us. You will feel comfortable at Hair Consultants the moment you walk in and meet Gil or Lisa.

Our mission has always been to restore, not just hair, but also confidence. We are very proud to introduce our current men’s product line featuring fashion forward hairstyles and hair care products. We understand that the hair restoration business remains a viable and growing market segment. This is why we continuously redefine our products and services to better serve our clients changing needs based on market trends and technologies.

The Hair Consultants systems are available in European, Human and Remi hair. If there is ever a problem with any of our products, we will do everything in our power to correct it to your satisfaction. Hair Consultants has been servicing Palm Springs area residents and visitors since the turn of the century. Our goal moving forward is to remain as committed to you as we have been in providing innovative solutions that will help you look and feel younger and more vibrant. We like to restore your natural look with a natural hairline of beautiful natural hair.

Our guiding principal is to always do the right thing, conduct ourselves with integrity, accountability and respect. We will treat everyone with a friends first attitude and never shy away from hard work or challenges.

In closing, we thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to serving your needs every step of the way.

Our Staff

Gil Van Nieulande, President

Gil has prominent long time experience in the hair replacement industry. He served as Assistant Director of world famous Max Factor Hair Replacement Studios in Hollywood, California for over 10 years. He owned and operated studios in Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Diego, as well as Mexico City and Guadalajara. 

In addition to providing hair replacement needs of prominent film stars, Gil served as a consultant for hair replacement centers throughout the US.

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Lisa Van Nieulande, 

Lisa graduated from Bryland Institute of Beauty at Reading, PA. For over 10 years, she styled wigs, hair replacement falls and hairpieces for film productions and prominate film stars at Max Factor Studios in Hollywood, California. She worked in Beverly Hills salons as a stylist for several years and also assisted Gil in the styling and preparation of hair replacement systems. 

Lisa provided consulting services at the Celebrity House Hair Replacement Center in Hartford, CT and currently provides cuts and services for prominent clients from around the country.

"There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection"

James Salter

Our Services

Your Hair Loss Is A Problem Of The Past!

Do you want your hairline restored? Are you looking for a full head of hair? Gill and Lisa will provide you with several options of the "Alternative Hair" proceedures. If you are presently wearing a hair system, daily or extended wear, and are not completely satisfied or you want a more natural look, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with Gil and Lisa.

Get an evaluation of your hair from the hair experts.
Choose between the most advanced processes available today.

Prices are NOT set in stone, as many things factor into your unique situation.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

…we maintain an uncompromising commitment and passion

in providing VIP white-glove customer service.

All New Units Are Fully Guaranteed For Thirty Days From Date Of Styling.

We Will Adjust or Replace Any Unsatisfactory New System at No Charge.


Men:                        $85, with color $110

Women:                 $125, with color $150

Services Include: Shampoo, Style and Attach for Extended Wear.


Men:                           $60, with color $85

Women:                    $80, with color $105

Services Include: Shampoo, Style and Attach for Daily Wear


(If not a Hair Consultant system, not including color)                    $200

HAIR ADDITION - HOURLY RATE                                                             $ 70

ADDING OR REPLACING CLIPS (each)                                                  $   5



Since 1975, our supplier has become one of the largest distributors of men’s hair replacement products and services in the world. Providing our valuable clients with the best in creative innovations and the latest technologies in developing hair graft systems and full cranial prosthesis.

One New Hair System: (Plus CA Sales Tax)                      Call for Pricing

Two New Hair Systems: (Plus CA Sales Tax)                    Call for Pricing

Prices for New Hair Systems are based on units 10 X 7 inches. Larger sizes or full caps and hair longer than 6" will also increase the cost for both Custom and Customized systems. Many things factor into the price of each hair system. We prefer to consult with each client one-on-one and offer true pricing.

One New Customized Ready Made System                    Call for Pricing

Two New Customized Ready Made Systems                  Call for pricing

*New Unit Purchases Include Styling and Attaching Unit(s)

"Beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin"


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